Monday, May 24, 2010

My Dearest Persian MA, Don't You Ever Go Away!

Sit back relax, and let Phancouver tell you a little tale. Once upon a time, I met a wonderful Persian princess named MA. MA's daddy was the King. No literally he was a Sultan. (Sultan's Delicious Donair in Coquitlam, check it out, it's REALLY GOOD!!!) K, sorry that was a restaurant plug but back to my story. MA decided to have 5 little piggies over for a Persian feast, SC, PY, RHM and TS but TS couldn't come and missed out big time. =(

Anyhoo, MA decided to try out the Queen's (her mom) delicious recipe for beef kabobs. Ingredients include 700-800 grams of lean ground beef, 1 onion in the grinder, S&P, one cap full of bread crumbs, a dash of turmeric and baking soda, all pounded together by hand and rolled and flattened into perfect long john patties. Because we didn't know how to spark the BBQ (LOL), MA decided to pan fry these babies with chunks of tomatoes and orange peppers for flavor and tenderness.

Using grape seed oil (ooh la la), on medium heat and keeping a close eye on flipping them (wink wink), the patties were fried to Persian perfection. Coming out juicy, colorful and DEFINITELY flavor-filled.

Now, I'll have to interrupt this story because I am drooling too much reminiscing about this freaking awesome meal and have to wipe up my keyboard. OMG - you don't know how often I crave this meal. No matter what time of day it is, or how BULL I am (Bull is a word I use for when I'm REALLY full), I would be ready to eat this meal again. Okay, now on to the sides. WOW. Here you see the basmati rice cooked to a tee with crispy 'tadeek' showing in a nice golden brown. Steamed with a pinch of salt and butter, this rice is good to go on it's own. Our little Persian princess is multi-talented. Yes, that is her home made cucumber yogurt (maast-o-khiar). I just drizzled some on top of everything on my plate - it was SO refreshing! Prepared with 1 English cucumber, yogurt, dried mint, S&P and a few secret herbs, this accompaniment completed the meal. And, we can't forget to add some veggies! A nice spring salad mix with feta cheese and again, home made salad dressing, sure did the trick!

Sprinkled with sumac, nicely plated, and quickly devoured, we were so happily full this night, I just couldn't believe that I ate such a delicious meal. I think I had thirds. Several times during the night I would burst out saying, 'OMG guys, do you remember the meal we just had?' - it was THAT unbelievably mind blowing.

Finishing the night off with some authentic Persian tea, this was a night to remember in Food Fairytale Land. A meal fit for royalty, indeed.


  1. Hahaha i like your little fairy tale, Phancouver. And once upon a time, JV came acros some (rather, good) reviews of Sultan's Delicious Donairs, too! I shall try it one day!

  2. woohoo! i'm glad you enjoyed it JV! Where did you hear about that donair place? My friend MA will be so happy!

  3. hahaha irene this was indeed one of your best pieces ;)...i died laughing and so did my parents. Dad loved the restaurant plug!! You really are good for my ego too lol.

  4. Hey Irene!! I heart heart your blog. Whenever I'm in desperate need for an idea to cook i will definitely go to this blog and cook up something cool! Hope we meet up soon to eat some good food and gossip! :)

    Love ames.

  5. Awww, thanks Amy =) I will definitely feature your cooking on here and especially your momma's!!!

  6. I seriously missed out on this. You will be happy to hear that I just kicked myself in the butt for that one. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful tale...I felt like I was kind of part of it now.