Sunday, January 30, 2011

If You Really Love Baked Potatoes ... You'll Love Mr. Kumpir!

My two gal pals RHM and SC decided to brave this new restaurant concept with me as we took a stroll down Denman Street with a one-track mind: to try a baked potato from Mr. Kumpir, a new food joint that ONLY specializes in baked potatoes. Yup, this place really does exist. Despite the neon green and yellow colors you see above, this savory delight was surprisingly NOT BAD. We opted for their stuffed chicken and added corn, olives, honey mustard and pickles (you can count on the Lebanese sista to choose these toppings). It was an interesting experience as there were many toppings to choose from, including a hot dog wiener, but it was $8 for this hunk of starch! I probably wouldn't come back again but it was a pretty hilarious adventure. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Taste of Tuscany (on Bowen Island)

Okay foodie Phans, brace yourself now for the mother of all blog posts! Three of my closest girlfriends JG, KL, MR and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Bowen Island for the weekend to relax and clear our minds (which indeed we did). However, I definitely did not foresee the amazing foodie adventures we stumbled upon! Just an inexpensive boat ride away, was a land of tasty treats! My absolute favorite dish of our mini getaway is the pulled pork eggs benedict I had at Artisan Eats. Imagine that! I don't know why I never thought of this combination before or why I haven't come across this in all my brunching years!!! There can be no wrong done with this satisfying dish. It's a MUST for food lovers and it truly paves the way for all the other bennys out there. WOW. DROOL.

Another scrumptious dish we devoured there was their lemon ricotta pancakes. UNHEARD OF, I KNOW! Super fluffy and perfect in texture and flavor, this morning was a blasphemy of indulgence. Seriously, I would pay the ferry ride over to Bowen Island just for this exact same meal.

And of course, a lovely carrot and goat cheese soup as well. This restaurant was so lively yet quaint and offered a beautiful view of the water. I stared at their menu and counter top offerings for a good while before I made my decision, I'll tell you that.

Now Artisan Eats is the sister cafe of their famous Tuscany restaurant. (Trust me, you'll want to make reservations in advance for this place.) Nestled right on their 'busiest' strip in a romantic old wooden house essentially, this dining spot sure was happenin'!

JG and I shared a hearty and decadent lobster bisque to start the night off right. Mmmm, Magnifico!

Now these two photos look exactly alike because they are both baked and smothered in cheese but let me assure you, they were very different. Above, you will see a portobello mushroom cannelloni (my favorite of the night) in pesto tomato sauce, Parmesan and mozzarella. Serve me any dish that includes a wide mixture of mushrooms and cheese and I'm yours!

Below is a baked eggplant Parmesan with basil pesto and crushed tomatoes, topped off with bread crumbs. Such a staple in Italian eats.

And we had their special vegetarian pizza of the evening smelling of sun dried tomatoes, olives, artichoke, basil and everything 'healthy and delish'!

Finally we ended the evening with a few scoops each of their vanilla panna cotta topped with pear, pomegranate seeds and drizzles of caramel. Be envious my friends ... now go and have yourself a meal there! :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Have a 'Waffle Wich'. It's The New Thang.

My cousin JV introduced me to this neat new resto called Miura Waffle Milk Bar featuring their signature delicious sandwiches with waffles that substitute bread! The staff were super friendly and happy to serve us (I guess since we were the only people there) and their 'sandos' spoke for themselves. On the left is their 'Bulgogi' fixed with kimchi, egg and beef (SO DANG GOOD) and on the right is their 'Veggie' with spinach, mushroom and cheese. I didn't get to try any of their specialty milks but this interesting concept of a restaurant is admirable. Give this a whirl and spread the word!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Party-in-Your-Mouth European Delights

Take it from me. These are one of the best dessert snacks you will EVER indulge in. A crispy wafer on the outside as you chomp down and then BAM! Surprise! There's a sweet soft sugary syrup in the middle that takes your breath away. This is what a foodie experience is all about. Excitement to your taste buds. Guaranteed goodness. The best kind is straight from Holland but there are many replica brands in your local grocery store I'm sure. This is a Phan fave, my friend.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bo Laksa King Speaks for Itself

I'm proud to call Bo Laksa King's Bubbles and Bits on Hastings street one of my neighborhood gems. While their first location is in the Collingwood area, this tiny authentic restaurant offers a menu with deliciously flavorful Southeast Asian finds and is best known for their very spicy laksa you see above. I am not one to handle spicy foods but this noodle dish has a certain something that keeps me yearning for more after each bite. Served with tiger prawns, fish balls, tofu, egg, and chicken in a coconut curry broth, this fire bowl will flare your runny nose in no time. Watch out when you slurp this baby up though, the curry stains are lethal!

Another favorite dish of mine is their curry chicken. This meal comes with fall off the bone chicken in Bo's special curry sauce with coconut rice and spicy cucumber salad. Order a side of their roti canai and you're set! And, by the way, their bubble tea is not bad as well! Give it a whirl peeps!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fresh Papaya Salad That Will Rock Your World

Another addition to my posts on the fine cuisine of Phnom Penh in Chinatown, is their freshly prepared raw papaya salad. Shaved and sliced to mingle with carrots, cilantro, and hints of mint, topped off with cooked prawns, beef jerky and a sprinkle of peanuts, all in a pond of fish and vinegar sauce! Phew, this starter is simply delectable!