Friday, April 30, 2010

No Food Blog Should Ever Exist Without The Mention of Phnom Penh

#35 at Phnom Penh and an order of their famous chicken wings. Filet Beef on Rice with an Egg - you HAVE to order it with a runny egg. Every man and woman needs to try this dish before they die. It will never be duplicated. The sweet beef sauce smothered with rice, fresh veggies, mixed with the egg, drenched in the fish sauce, I will never get sick of it. This night, we ordered 5 #35's and a plate of chicken wings to share. Oh and their awesome lime soda (darnit, forgot to take a pic!). My friend KL made a NY resolution to try everything on the menu in 2010 so I will be sure to update you on his flavorful findings. Also a quick shout out to my pal EM who helps me to 'broaden my horizons' when ordering. You just can't go wrong with this place!

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