Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let's Just Face It Y'all, I Ain't Cut Out To Be A Vegetarian

The Foundation Veggie Burger. The 2nd time I've had a no meat burger (1st time from Urban Fare). I'm sorry but I think I just fooled myself. Every time I bit into the burger, I expected a moist, juicy chunk of meat. Beef, chicken fish, anything! And that's why I think I was disappointed. I even tried to coat it with cheese, but refrained from adding the veggie bacon. It ain't just for me and I'm not afraid to admit it. However, their fresh salad with homemade mango/papaya (?) dressing and sunflower seeds was really yummy!

We also shared the Hummous and Yam dips. Generously served in mountainfuls, the yam dip (which tasted like it was straight up pureed) is a must try - Give it a whirl!


  1. I think the best thing at The Foundation are the nachos! They are so gigantic and delicious and cheap! By far, one of my favorite places for nachos.

  2. mmmm, i will definitely give that a whirl next time! although i usually prefer some meat on the nachos, lol.