Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pumpkins Aren't Just for Carving, They're for CURRY!!!

Man oh man, I go cuckoo for this curry! My friends MR and JG introduced me to this amazing pumpkin red curry from Take Thai Home on Commercial Drive. I am a regular fan of red curry but made with pumpkin? It's heaven I tell you. Moist, flavorful melt in your mouth consistency. Poured over some healthy quinoa, with a side of pad thai and tofu veggies, WOW. We were in a food coma that night.

The dinner host MR never, EVER, disappoints with her alcoholic beverages. That night we had coconut pineapple martinis. Dangerous because it tastes like juice but hits you hard.

MR also introduced quinoa into my life. A great substitute for rice, this seed is a healthy replacement and I hear it makes you quite regular. Not that I need help in that department anyway, haha. It's a staple at our weekly get-togethers. That and a special song we sing into the intercom as we buzz in. Thanks to KL, MR and JG, the '4 best friends' sure know how to do it up with our food adventures!!!

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