Friday, July 30, 2010

Lamb Shank You Can Dream About All Day Long ...

I will never forget my lamb shank experience at Voya at the Loden hotel. Picture the most succulent lamb shank with fall-off-the-bone meat marinated in a red wine reduction over lemon, pea and mint risotto. Yes it's true, I lived this experience and now I am telling you all you lamb lovers to go and give this dish a whirl!!!

I also had the pleasure of sampling a few of my friend's dishes. As you can see, the presentation is immaculate at Voya and the taste is just as perfect. The tuna was prepared and garnished nicely except I personally like to eat seared tuna for an appetizer rather than an entree. Not filling enough for me!

Next is their pan roasted halibut with their summer veggies. We all found this to possess a strikingly familiar taste to Asian flavors but coming from Asian backgrounds, we didn't enjoy this plate as much.

Lastly is their signature short rib papperdelle with pine nuts, spinach, and chili garlic. I've grown to really enjoy papperdelle as of late and this is by far my favorite of them all. I also wanted to mention the bison rib eye steak from Voya that is supposedly super tender, delicious and satisfying. A hidden restaurant in the downtown core, I would 100%recommend this spot for a nice birthday dinner or celebration of some sort. The prices are a little bit steep but definitely worth it.

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  1. What about their steak that's also to die for!