Thursday, July 8, 2010

Double Dragon

This day, I bid a very envious adieu to my Amsterdam-bound-gal-pal MY at The Naam. We gabbed over food and said our goodbyes as she embarked on a 3 month journey abroad, cycling around in cute outfits, meeting hot European men and partying her little heart out. JEALOUS! Anyhoo, we were actually dying to have the lunch Dragon bowl (which I've never had) but we came during breakfast hours and settled for the breakfast version instead. My first experience was a pleasant enough one. We shared three plates of potato-and-egg plentiful dishes and were stuffed silly. Above, you see the open-faced Croissant Witch with scrambled eggs and veggie sausage over their homefries. I'm guessing that their food is made bland (healthy) and the flavor is added on with S&P and ketchup to your liking (which in my case, I had to add a whole lot).

We knew that we had to have their staple Breakfast Dragon Bowl with similar ingredients to the above dish except this was mixed with their famous miso gravy (which I couldn't really taste to be honest). Nonetheless, it was a hearty and filling breakfast. What I did really like was their thick toast and homemade jam, actually!

To compliment our starchy meals, we ordered a cup of their yogurt and fruit bowl which was quite nice and refreshing for our palates.

Why Double Dragon you ask? (Btw, I thought this name was brilliant because I got to experience two 'dragon' foods in one day!) In the afternoon, I met up with a few more friends at Dragon Ball Tea House and had another Phan fave there - the green tea ice cream slush with pearls. This combo is deadly. First of all, I don't know how they manage to get pearl consistency perfection each time. Of all bubble tea places, I think they have the best pearls (close runner ups are Bubble World and Estea). Second, I swear I saw them scoop the ice cream out and microwave it for 15 seconds once (is this their secret tactic?). Then the crazy chemistry of the frozen ice cream and warm pearls magically mixes and solidifies into an amazing dessert drink! It's damn filling, but worth every sip. =)


  1. OMG COOL! Finally our adventure at the Naam!! I get back in the beginning of August ... we must go on a delicious food adventure ... as the dutch kitchen palette is not the tastiest! lol. pick your favorite dim sum or japanese restaurant and let's gooooooo :) miss you lady!

  2. Beginning of August?! That is so soon, my dear!! We better pick our next destination soon, or maybe I can blog about your awesome home cooking!! Or both ... yum!!!