Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Asian Comfort Food - Bubble Tea and Thick Toast

This is Asian soul food. When we feel happy, we go for bubble tea to celebrate. When we are sad, we drown our sorrows in milk tea and tapioca. It's our comfort food alright. Featured here is the tofu dessert with pearls from Bubble World. Some people might irk at the thought of a cold, sweet tofu consistency as dessert (like many do when they hear about Chinese desserts with beans) but this soft, slurp-able drink in sugary syrup with round tapioca pearls is one of my favorite bubble teas. And they do it oh-so-right at the Bubble World on Kingsway.

Here we can a nice baked thick toast covered in condensed milk. Fatty and delicious! Other popular toppings include peanut butter, chocolate or just plain butter and sugar. The perfect warm and gooey snack to wash down with an ice cold bubble tea! Whatever you do, do NOT count your calories at this place. Rumor has it that a milk tea with pearls has more calories than a Big Mac!

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