Saturday, September 4, 2010

You Can Never Go Wrong with a DQ Ice Cream Cake

The best way to celebrate any occasion is with a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. A birthday, graduation, (heck - even an anniversary!) is appropriate for the appearance of this delicious frozen dessert ranging from a log to a sheet cake. The best is when you can digitally screen a picture on to the cake (I will dig up a hilarious picture we did for a cousins birthday get together)! With funny greeting salutations every time, the cake acts as a funny conversation piece and ends with a party in your mouth. The vanilla and chocolate ice cream mixed with heavy fudge and cookie crumbs is an irresistible combination. (I personally like to scrape off any icing, whipped cream and decorative edible gel - ew.)


  1. OMG, you read my mind! #1 craving...

  2. That's awesome I didn't know you can put a picture on it. Where have I been the fudge part!!