Tuesday, June 7, 2011

4 Words = Double Crusted Lemon Pie

I have never tasted a pie that was so damn good. Tartine excels in their pie making. Especially when it comes to the crust. Imagine the most flaky, buttery, thick and crunchy pie crust. Wait, hold for it. THEN DOUBLE IT UP. I need to shake the hand of the genius that came up with that idea. Next step, fill the inside with a sweet, tangy, lemony custard-like filling and sprinkle the top with giant sugar crystals. UNBELIEBABLE (typo intended)!!!

I've had me a few other pie flavors there (strawberry rhubarb, maple boston cream, etc.) but my heart belongs to this one. The pie gods really did do a number on this one. I truly believe you can't go wrong with any pie at Tartine so please try a few and report back to me on what you think!

No pie should ever be enjoyed without a side of vanilla ice cream! It would be a pie-eating sin!

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