Sunday, May 1, 2011

'Charmed' by Thai Tea Ice Cream

Wow, just look at this beauty. Our ingenious (and piggy) idea of combining two desserts created this breathless moment.

My lovely pregnant sister LC and I met up at Charm Modern Thai in Yaletown for a quick lunch and wanted something sweet to finish up our meal. We decided to have their deep fried banana dipped in vanilla sauce with a side of their homemade Thai tea ice cream. LC is usually quite a 'phan' of Thai iced teas so this intrigued her. Unlike the common heavily battered deep fried whole bananas from other Thai restaurants, Charm's lighter version is a mixture of tiny pieces of half mashed bananas, wrapped in a thin skin and dipped in a creamy vanilla sauce. GREAT IDEA! And their Thai tea ice cream was so refreshing and delicious that we asked if they sold them by the pints but the server advised us that it was a homemade secret recipe by their in-house chef. Sweet and savory at its best people. This Phan fave is another must-try!

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  1. Mmmmmm.... this Thai iced tea ice-cream really is worth a "whirl"